BayG.A.P. Service Program

Your partner for training, advice, verification and on-farm support

Who we are

Consumers want safe food. Retailers want certified produce. Farmers need a way to improve on-farm practices to meet requirements and get certified.

That’s what inspired us to launch the BayG.A.P. service program. Starting back in 2015, Bayer Crop Science partnered with GLOBALG.A.P. to meet the ongoing challenges that farms face when working towards obtaining verified produce for the market. Now we can provide training to small and medium farms around the world – from smallholders to bigger plots and adapt our training programs to suit the needs and challenges of your farm according to your specific crops and the local requirements of your country.

Working with you and our partners has brought BayG.A.P. to where it is today – you’ve helped us to become more flexible as we focus on what makes farming more sustainable and food safe.

How we can support you with G.A.P. on your farm

BayG.A.P. service program can support the needs of your farm in several ways  – you choose which approach is best for you and your farm...

1. Get your Farm Assessment

Reach out to us and we will come to your farm to assess your needs. We’ll spend some time to gain an understanding of where your farm could benefit from good agricultural practices, and you can tell us what your goals are for improved practice.

This way, we can identify the good agricultural practices that will support your production processes and enable continuous improvement based on your unique plot.

2. Get set up with Farmers Training

We’ll use the results of your Assessment, to create a learning package that will support your farm to become more efficient and more sustainable. You and your farm team will get a chance to learn about, and refresh knowledge on good agricultural practice.
The training modules combine theory and a hands-on approach, so you’ll make practical improvements on your farm straight away. Our training content is aligned to the principles of good agricultural practice required to achieve G.A.P. certifications worldwide.
Choose the style and frequency of your training – online or on-site. We’ll adapt to what best suits you and your farm team based on your availability and schedule.

3. Get Farm Advice when you need it

Once you’ve completed your training modules and started applying your G.A.P. knowledge, you might find you have questions specific to your crop and country needs. That’s why we are on hand to advise.

We’ll set you up with an action plan so you can implement G.A.P. straight away and your dedicated Farm Advisor supports you to catch any challenges in your production processes early on, so you can take the G.A.P. steps needed to fix them. All relevant to the crops you grow and the regulations of your country location.

4. Get your Farm Produce Market-ready

You have all your G.A.P. in place and are harvesting high yields and quality produce – that’s a great start. Soon you’ll be able to access more markets and sell your produce for a good price.

We can support you with verifying your G.A.P. efforts, so retailers are confident that you meet the required standards and are interested in buying from you. You decide what verification is important for your farm, then our dedicated Farm Assurer will provide you with personalized support on which criteria will be assessed and guide you on how to fulfil them.

Partnerships – because this can only be achieved together

BayG.A.P. reaches so many farmers around the world with training on good agricultural practices and how to manage their farms more sustainably, but we couldn’t possibly do it alone!

Our network of partners helps us reach you with G.A.P. in your region. Partners throughout the food chain and partners with farming expertise help get G.A.P. to everyone who needs it. That’s how, together with your on-farm G.A.P. implementation, we are all able to contribute to more widespread knowledge of good agricultural practices and safe, healthy food.

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