Enabling good agricultural practices worldwide

BayG.A.P., a Food Chain Partnership service... trains, advises and supports you in understanding and implementing good agricultural practices (G.A.P.) on your farm.

Our BayG.A.P. team is committed to providing you with training that delivers the knowledge needed to comply with requirements from the food industry. With BayG.A.P. you can improve competitiveness and gain market access and reach more customers with your produce. 

One program that offers multiple focused solutions.

Let’s train together – with BayG.A.P. we can find the right journey to the best solution for your farm.

1. Farm Assessment

Find the G.A.P. training modules that can improve your daily business, so you have a tailored training package that suits your farm.

2. Training

Your training modules show you why and how to implement good agricultural practices.

3. Farm Advice

Tailored to your specific crops, and country’s market requirements.

4. Verification Support

In a review process, we’ll verify your compliance according to the criteria needed to achieve the G.A.P. standards, so you’ll be certified to sell your produce to more markets.

Why get trained in Good Agricultural Practices?

I would like to tell farmers who have not yet been trained that since coming to the training, we know how to manage our farms correctly and safely. We learn about storage management, and the importance of protection for our (producer) health, and consumers too. I would like everyone to receive good information like this.
Sermsak AriyakuntiDurian Farmer, Thailand

Our online Trainings

BayG.A.P. is flexible and customized for your farm, so you can choose a combination of on-site training and online training from anywhere in the world. Our open online training is in collaboration with the American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture.

The BayG.A.P. training tool provides you with access to the training materials you need and helps you track your progress towards achieving the G.A.P. goals for your farm!

What you are saying about BayG.A.P. Training...

We love all your feedback. Every idea, and comment you share about working towards achieving on-farm good agricultural practices, contributes to making our training packages even more customized for you.

Here are some of the comments that our G.A.P. community is sharing about their experiences of BayG.A.P. training and services:

BayG.A.P. contemplates the entire production chain, generating benefits before and after the farm’s gate.
Janaína MarqueExternal BayG.A.P. Facilitator

News & Events

There is always something new to share in the G.A.P. community! Events and webinars about industry developments and news about how growers on farms around the world are achieving sustainable farming standards and applying G.A.P. to make a difference to the quality of fresh produce.

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