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You can find BayG.A.P. in more than 20 countries across the globe - from a secluded training under a tree in Bamako, Mail, to a convention center with one thousand Durian farmers in Thailand!  BayG.A.P. actively supports you to develop your knowledge of good agricultural practices that meet on-farm challenges and market requirements in your country… connect with BayG.A.P. initiatives in your part of the world…


Our Initiatives - building bridges to G.A.P.

BayG.A.P. initiatives together with Food Chain Partnership are making a big difference in the countries we’re working with!  Our initiatives are inspired by the effort and commitment farmers make to adapt to more sustainable practice. Farmers are dedicated to applying G.A.P. expertise across a range of crops so we can all build on experiences of farmers, retailers, and partners, working together towards good agricultural practice for healthier farms…

Find inspiring initiatives here...


Protecting banana producers in Ecuador

Equipping banana farmers in Ecuador with the tools to protect themselves against the livelihood threatening fungus TR4.

Supporting Indian gherkin farmers to improve quality

Enabling gherkin farmers in India to attain localg.a.p. certification and improve their farming practices.                                              

Enabling grape farmers in India

Providing grape farmers in India with know-how and technologies to reach up to 5 times higher yields.                                                            

Improving livelihoods of smallholders from Ivory Coast

Supporting cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast to increase their yields and adopt effective technologies.                 

Empowering smallholders in Mali

Empowering mango farmers in Mali to access export markets by improving quality and yield.                                                                    

Connecting Thai farmers to international markets

Training potato farmers in Thailand to produce in a sustainable manner so that they gain access to international markets.

Empowering an entire region of lemon producers

Partnering with one of Argentina’s biggest lemon exporters to raise producers’ sustainability standards across the entire region of Tucumáns.                 

Giving female potato farmers a new mindset

Working with women in India to scale up their knowledge of good agricultural practices, and their confidence to make decisions in the field.                                         

Putting Thai durian growers on a sustainable path

Co-ordinating training with Thailand’s government and a leading research university, giving durian growers a crucial step towards certification.                        

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