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G.A.P. for China’s favorite fruit

Durian farmers in Thailand are transforming good on-farm routine to good agricultural practices for exporting this delicious Thai fruit… happy farmers, happy customers…       

New hands-on approach to our online course

Learn about good agricultural practices with our free training course that comes back with a fresh, practical approach to apply what you learn directly to the field.

The future of the banana is at stake

Banana plantations all over the globe are under threat from TR4, a strain of the Fusarium fungus that causes wilting and eventually death in banana plants. What are we doing to tackle it?


How we’re scaling up farmer access to regenerative practices

Our new app has launched, with a new module on Regenerative Agriculture. Now, BayG.A.P. content can be easily accessed on a digital device – even in the field. Find out what this looks like!

Farmers are guardians of safe food!

Tackling food safety issues, both visible and invisible, is essential - for public health and for confidence in our fresh produce. Here’s what our farmers do about it.


How – and why – we’re reaching more women in agriculture

Almost half of the global work force in agriculture is female- yet women’s work in agribusiness is undervalued and they lack resources. Find out what we do to empower female farmers!



Video-based training in Spanish

Get started with our online video-based BayG.A.P. training – available for you in Spanish from January 3rd 

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