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The marketplace for verified quality produce

BayG.A.P. Verify is our innovating and digital platform to help farmers adopt Good Agriculture Practices. It also makes identifying local high-quality produce easier for the food chain partners, off-takers, and consumers.

Through the BayG.A.P. Verify, offtakers can locate verified produce more easily, and optimize their sourcing by easily checking sustainability standards against cross-value-chain quality and ESG metrics.

Our verification process is based on four categories of agricultural practice:

Connecting off-takers and customers with local farmers – easy, direct and efficient.

BayG.A.P. Verify offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Plan efficient sourcing of high-quality produce with the quantity and quality you need
  • Get verified marketable local produce from farmers trained and supported by agronomists 
  • Promote sustainable agriculture and safe, high-quality produce through a consumer label (e.g. in store or online)
  • Achieve higher consumer appreciation by providing insights into the farmers‘ commitment
  • Obtain an outcome-oriented solution for flexible verification adaptable to local needs, and enable smallholder farmers to gradually improve their food production

In a nutshell, BayG.A.P. Verify is an easy way to directly connect farmers with off-takers who are sourcing high quality products demanded by today's consumers. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

BayG.A.P. Verify for Off-takers

We have created a dedicated platform designed for off-takers which allows them to efficiently source high quality premium products that have been produced under good agricultural practice standards on the farm.

In 4 simple steps off-takers can connect with farmers to purchase their verified products.

Step 1:
Once the off-taker signs up to the BayG.A.P. Verify platform, they will need to create a sourcing campaign of an specific crop to connect with local farmers that match their requirements.

Step 2: Farmers will be able to see the sourcing campaigns, apply to the ones that match their produce and start the verification of their produce. During the season, off-takers can keep track with the real time dashboard on the verification of good agricultural practices and sourcing details via geolocated photos, videos and documents.

Step 3: Off-takers will get the confirmation about the successful verification of farmer and harvest details.

Step 4: By the end of the season off-takers will be able to view the quality of the fruit and vegetables before it leaves the farm. They can also use the platform dashboard to coordinate the daily delivery of the produce.

Our plans

We have created different plans according to the number of campaigns you desire. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


* Sourcing campaign: one crop / season 6-8 months / collection point / max. 100 farmers
** Early bird fees apply from 2024 for the initial 2 seasons (we wave the commission fee for initial part 2023)
See terms and conditions applicable to the pricing of the plans

If you are an off-takers and want to start your local sourcing campaign for G.A.P. verified produce, we invite you to access our BayG.A.P. Verify platform.

BayG.A.P. Verify for Farmers

Thinking in the comfort of our farmers, we have created an app available for Android and iPhone through which they can check the products that off-takers demand and the requirements in good agricultural practices that these products must meet. Through 4 simple steps farmers can apply to off-takers' demands and sell their products to them.

Step 1:
Once the BayGAP Verify app is downloaded on their mobile phones, farmers can view the campaigns of off-takers requesting a specific product.

Step 2: If the farmer is interested in one of the campaigns, they can apply for it through the app and review the control points on good agricultural practices that they must comply to sell their produce.

Step 3: Then, the farmer must comply with the control points and send evidence of compliance. Also, through this app, farmers are trained in sustainable farming.

Step 4: Finally, after the fulfilment of all the control points, the off-taker will receive the confirmation of the verification and will be able to contact the farmer to purchase his producee.

If you are a farmer and want to sell your produce directly to an off-taker, check who is requiring for your type of crop in our BayG.A.P. Verify App.

BayG.A.P. Verify label for Consumers

With BayG.A.P. Verify we also aim to connect farmers directly with consumers. That's why once the verification of the implementation of Good Agriculture Practices is digitally done by the farmers, they can obtain the BayG.A.P. Verify label, ensuring that the consumer gets access to premium quality produce.

If you are a consumer, look for our BayG.A.P. Verify label in the fruits and vegetables section of your local supermarket. Remember that with your purchase you are not only getting high quality products, but you are also helping to improve the quality of life of our farmers.
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