How we’re scaling up farmer access to regenerative practices

Demand for BayG.A.P. has grown over the years, and we are committed to growing the BayG.A.P. offering in line with that demand. Just recently, we announced two significant updates: the launch of the BayG.A.P. app, and the addition of a new module to the BayG.A.P training content, on regenerative agriculture.

These updates are especially meaningful because they aren’t just about technology or content – they are about you – the farmers. By making BayG.A.P. training available through the digital devices that many farmers already own, we place the power in your hands: allowing you to undertake training in your own time, when it suits you, or even bring BayG.A.P. resources into the field with you. At the same time, the Regenerative Agriculture module connects everyone to one of the most powerful concepts in agriculture today.

The BayG.A.P. app and module are a contribution to making regenerative principles accessible and understandable to everyone, starting with farmers, who bear direct responsibility for enacting the most change.
Gerhard AdamBayG.A.P. Service Program lead

BayG.A.P. app: Boosting access and flexibility

Ever since BayG.A.P. was launched in 2015, various training modules have been offered to groups of farmers via collaborations with implementation partners and other value chain companies.

Word quickly spread, and more food chain managers and partners got involved as BayG.A.P. gained momentum. That led us to think: How do we recreate this success on a universal scale? To make sure every one of you can access the knowledge you need to farm efficiently, sustainably, and profitably?

The result is that BayG.A.P. content can be accessed via website or app – and the content is even downloadable to enable it to be accessed offline.

Now, alongside participating in local implementation programs, you have the option to register online and undertake BayG.A.P. training whenever you choose. It’s a new degree of flexibility, and a new degree of inclusion for anyone who has never had the chance to be part of a BayG.A.P. initiative before.

The app has initially been launched with content from a new module, on Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture: A new way of looking at ag

Regenerative Agriculture is being talked about more and more among food chain stakeholders. Its potential is unquestioned. But questions remain: What does this term mean? What is included in it? How do we make it a reality, not just a buzzword.

Regenerative agriculture is a new vision for agricultural transformation: one that sets its sights higher than climate neutrality. Instead, it aims for a net positive impact: supporting the essential ‘building blocks’ of our ecosystems, and leaving them in a better state than when we began, season after season.

To achieve these regenerative outcomes, we focus on key resources – soil, water, biodiversity, livestock and people. Regenerative agriculture is about achieving the right outcomes in these areas: improving the health and fertility of soil, putting and keeping carbon and nutrients in the ground to support healthy crop growth, achieving mutual benefits between plants and livestock, increasing biodiversity in landscapes and waterways, and giving communities a greater economic return that makes them more resilient to shocks.

Making this happen requires a toolbox of climate-positive practices – conservation tillage, cover crops, rotation systems, precise crop protection, and more – deployed at farm level in line with growers’ needs.

This is the role of the new BayG.A.P. module: to give the key players of the food value chain the means to implement these practices, delivered via engaging, multi-format training incorporating videos, how-tos, articles and quizzes.

The module starts with an introduction to the overall concept, then demonstrates how to make the most of everyday practices, such as no-till farming, cover crops, nutrient management, crop rotation, and intercropping.

It also explains how these practices benefit farmers: with strong yield potential, high-quality nutrient-rich soil, greater resilience, and ultimately a more profitable farm.

The new BayG.A.P. module is designed to help turn that vision into reality – and with the use of the BayG.A.P. app, that could happen for so many more farmers. Together, let’s all regenerate for our farmers, children, food security, and our land, for life.

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